Made my horns buzz: All Mumian males have four horns but they don't really buzz. This is just an expression of amazement or surprise. (Umbo Job Mum)

Names in the region where the story, Umbo Job Mum, takes place and in many others are derrived from a three-part nomenclature: The first name is the personal name and is the next available name on a list maintained by the civil authorities of the "county" where the person is born. The second name is a 3-letter name chosen by the person's parents. The third name is the name of the "state" where the person is born (usually 3-letters) and serves as what we would consider the "family" name.

City and county names in the nation of Umbo Job Mum may or may not follow a similar pattern. States are named with a single 3-letter name.

Wriggling Ears: Body language done as a greeting. (Umbo Job Mum)

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