Here Comes Windows 8, Part 3

Original Post: 1 October 2013
Posted Here: 30 November 2017

There Goes Windows 8I guess this post should actually be titled "There Goes Windows 8."

In my last post I pointed out that my new Hewlett Packard Windows 8 laptop was defective - it would lock up at random times. Since Tech Support could not come up with a solution, I chose to return it for a replacement. I was to pay for the replacement, then be given a refund for the purchase price of the defective computer.

Display Driver Stopped WorkingA couple hours after making arrangements to return the computer and to purchase its replacement, I began to think about my luck with HP laptops. I've purchased three: one for my wife (its hard drive had to be replaced after just over 2 years), a second for myself (with the "Display driver stopped responding..." problem), and a third (with the lock up problem) to replace the second. Two (maybe three) defective computers out of three are not good odds.

I began to wonder if risking three out of four was a good idea and called HP to ask about cancelling my order for the replacement. They were not happy, but they agreed. Depending on how far along my order had progressed, I might have to wait until I received the replacement, return it, and then get a refund. But they notified me a couple days later that the order had been cancelled and a refund has been made to my credit card account.

So, this leaves me with just my old, "Display driver stopped working" computer. Right where I started. If not HP, then who could I trust to sell me a reliable computer? A few years ago, as we were arriving to visit him, my son's computer died. By the time we were ready to leave, the repair shop was still hoping to get it back to him within a week or so. I'm not sure that they ever did get it fixed, but, in any case, Scott decided it was time for a new computer. He asked his colleagues and teachers at Platt College for a recommendation and purchased a Boxx laptop computer. Not a popular brand like HP, Dell, or Toshiba, but it was meant for 3D graphics applications. He's had his Boxx for quite a while and is very happy with it. So I contacted the company and they are now building my new Boxx laptop. Should be shipped soon. With Windows 7, not 8. I'm hoping that with Windows 7 and my previous experience, the transition to my new computer will be a bit smoother than the previous. Sorry that I won't be regaling you with more Windows 8 horrors.

Before signing off, I should provide on update regarding Adobe Photoshop CS2. Apparently, Adobe provides a downloadable version of CS2 that does not need to be activated. The Tech Support person that I'd talked to guided me to the page but I was too confused at the time to realize what was going on. I downloaded the file but did not write down the serial number that went with it. Later, I deleted the file because I couldn't remember why I'd downloaded it. If I run into an activation problem with my new computer, I'll try this solution.

After my new laptop comes, I will let you know if I run into any new problems. Otherwise, I'll just forge on with my writing and graphics adventures.

Keep reading/keep writing - Jack