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Downtown El Dorado Walking Tour

Downtown El Dorado has a number of historic buildings. The following pages allow you to take a virtual walking tour to see these buildings, or they can serve as a guide if you would like to actually walk the walk.

Where I can, I have provided some historical information about these buildings. Some of the information comes from a brochure published by Main Street El Dorado. However, the brochure is from the late 1990s, so if you note an error in the information, please blame me, not Main Street El Dorado.

Please note: These pages were formatted for screens set to 800 x 600 resolution. If your computer is formatted to higher resolutions, and you are using Microsoft Windows, press CTRL + to increase the size of the image (and CTRL - to decrease it.)

The walk starts at the Union County Court House at Main and Washington.

Confederate Monument
At the Main and Washington corner of the Court House is the Confederate Monument. The monument was erected by the Henry G. Bunn Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and was unveiled in March, 1910.
Court House
In the 1920s the county seat, El Dorado, had insufficient facilities to handle the deed and title transactions produced by the oil boom. The Union County Court House was designed by Mann & Stern in 1927. The Court House shows early twentieth century Greek temple adaptations. The interior of this four-story neo-classic structure includes a two-story atrium. The building is constructed of smooth dressed limestone with fourteen free-standing Ionic columns.
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