Button Generator Folks: If any of the problems described below have been fixed, PLEASE let me know! I'd like to be able to revise this page to reflect the corrections.

Button Generator creates nice buttons for your web page. Most of the buttons that I use on my web pages were created there. The site is easy to use.

Just make sure that you don't need any support. I've never received an answer to any support e-mail that I've sent them. Of course, about the only support that I've ever needed was for renewing my membership.

To get complete access to their site, you need to pay a quite reasonable $19.95 for a one-year membership. So far, so good. But when it comes time to renew your membership they don't warn you that expiration is near and they don't provide some way to renew. One day you go to their web site to create some buttons and THEN you learn that your membership has expired.

Unfortunately, there is no way to renew! You have to go to their sign-up page, fill out all the information again - including your user name and password. But if you try to use the same user name that you used the previous year you get an error page that says that you forgot to fill in something. (See the screen-save below). Notice that there are no "highlighted fields below." The only thing that you can do is to create a new user name each time that you renew. As I mentioned before, they have never responded to my requests for help with this matter.

One more problem - since my membership expired in 2010 I have been unable to get their site to process my renewal, either via my credit card or PayPal. They have not responded to my e-mail about this problem.

Please also note that although the buttons at their web site change color when you mouse-over them, you need to double-click some of them to get them to respond! No response to e-mails about that either.

My solution to this problem has been to wait until the type of button I like (Cosmic 1) comes up as a free button, then I create and save blank buttons of the size and color that I need. I add my desired text with Photoshop.

Page Created: 22 January 2012
Page Updated: 26 January 2012

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