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2453 - 2414 BC
Are We Alone? This is the period of the Taupoian attempt to terraform Adondus. The project is abandoned at the end because of The Great Dying. The Taupoian population was so reduced by an "alien" disease that spreading to other stars was no longer popular.

2179 BC
  235 years after The Great Dying

  Golden Needles. The tear in space-time is created and the planet Home is sent on its way toward its rendezvous with Earth.

  Something Wicked. A saurian starship of the Black Fleet crash-lands on Adondus.

1557 BC
  857 years after The Great Dying

  The Meeks Shall Inherit. Taupoians discover the genetics of extending their life span to 1500 - 2000 years

  Use Discretion. Taupoians begin building starships again. The Shuttle Marcopo is discovered.

1482 BC
  932 years after The Great Dying

  75 years after the discovery of the Shuttle Marcopo

  The Taupoians discover Earth during reign of Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III

800 AD
  2282 years after the discovery of the Shuttle Marcopo

  The island of Tahiti is settled by Polynesians

  2774 years after the discovery of the Shuttle Marcopo

  Eustan is born

  The fifth year of the reign of King Steponas. Ramunus hatches.

  The Island of Tahiti is discovered by the English sea captain Wallis

  Eustan is 470

  Prince Audras hatches. King Steponas dies in battle and Prince Ramunus (age 25) ascends to the throne of The Mountain Kingdom.

  James Cook visits the island of Tahiti (bringing the common cold) to view the transit of Venus on 2 June

  Marcopo, Eustan and their crew take Tahitians to The Island on Adondus

  Eustan is 472; the crew are a similar age

  Ramunus (age 32) unites the kingdoms of the continent of Waxon.

  Ramunus marries Daina.

  Prince Aras hatches.

  By the age of 18, the malevolent nature of Prince Audras, including his hatred of Aras, has become evident. The Kindred is secretly formed by nobles loyal to Ramunus to protect the young prince.

  Ramunus (age 62) dies of pneumonia after ruling for 30 years. As Audras seizes the throne, The Kindred spirit Prince Aras (age 15) away before Audras can do him harm. They also hide the robe, sword, and crown, which become known as the Treasures of Ramunus, and create the legend that these have been hidden among the stars by the goddess Dalia until Ramunus one day returns to claim his throne.

  The Waxonian Renaissance begins with Gabriele's Laws of Motion and her Law of Gravity. Science and technology begin to thrive.

  269 years after settlement of The Island.

  A volcanic eruption destroys trees on The Island.

  The Windward Sea is crossed.

  Eustan is 768; crew is a similar age

  Queen Amanda, Adondus and the Taupoians defeat the dragons 3 years after crossing the Windward Sea

  Shuttle 54, Where R U?

  Rogue Planet.  Taupoians discover the planet Home, which they call "Nemesis," 640 years prior to its rendezvous with Earth

  Liz is 627 years old

  Eustan is 835 years old

  Red Sky in Mourning. Taupoians bring the news of Home/Nemesis's approach to the people of Earth.

  The Mentecians develop argon-glass for the manufacture of clothing resistent to bullets, arrows, lasers, etc.

  The Warp drive is discovered on Waxon. King Jurgis ascends to the throne.

  Waxonian colonization of other planets begins.

  Humans begin to abandon Earth.

  The Last Acorn. The Warren Ark begins to take animals to Patience

  Humans begin to colonize Patience

  Humans abandon Patience

  Italians emigrate to Panjandrum.

  Waxonian colonization of Patience begins

  King Jurgis dies without an heir. Pretenders to the throne vie for supremacy. The Time of Great Strife begins.

  Leonas wins the struggle for succession on Waxon, becomes King, and begins a purge of the other pretenders and of the kingdom's intellectuals. Most pretenders and intellectuals escape to the colonies and shut off communication and travel to and from Waxon. The Kindred hides the Treasures of Ramunus in other star systems and Aryla Fitvet writes the Ramunus Haikus. Without scientists and engineers, the technology of Waxon goes into a steep decline and the Dark Ages begin.

  Waxonians abandon Patience.

  Carlos Zapatero, a human of Mexican ancestry is born

  Gina Verucchio starts undergraduate school

  Gina Verucchio gets her BS degree

  The War of the Olives. Gina Verucchio foils a plot to force the sale of her family's olive groves.

  Gina Verucchio starts graduate school in Electronics Engineering

  Gina Verucchio finishes her PhD and starts working on holographic quantum dot technology at Claudius Electronics

  Claudius Electronics begins to market Holographic Quantum Dot products

  Gina Verucchio develops a prototype plastidroid

  Gina Verucchio develops a humanoid plastidroid

  A Conversation with Gina Verucchio. Gina Verucchio appears to foil an attempt to assassinate her while being interviewed on a vid news program.

  6 June 2403. Plastidroid prototype X4459 is stolen by Carlos Zapatero, who is intent on becoming a mercenary with a band of Mentecians.

  A starship of Lithuanian emigrants from Earth makes an emergency landing on Waxon.

  Claudius Electronics begins to market plastidroids

  Carlos Zapatero, 61 years old, upgrades to a new plastidroid. He keeps the old, Juan Del Rio, version as a statue of David at his home.

  Carlos Zapatero, 80 years old, dies. His "statue of David" passes to his heirs.

  The Lithuanians bring an end to the Dark Ages on Waxon. They overthrow the current king and set up their own government.

  Plastidroid technology is banned by the SEC and all known plastidroids are recalled and destroyed.

  The Stellar Economic Community discovers the Lithuanians on Waxon. Warp travel is reestablished.

  As the Lithuanians leave, governance is returned to the Waxonians and Leonas III becomes king.

  King Leonas III dies without a male heir. The son of his daughter Monika and Lord Petras becomes King Darius.

  A spaceport is built on Adondus

  Eustan is 1356 years old; original crew is a similar age

  King Mindaugas, Princess Milda's Great Grandfather, does away with the monarchy and institutes a democratic government on Waxon.

  Pierre Bordeaux hatches.

  Bidido is born.

  Princess Milda hatches.

  Midshipman Bidido loses his right eye.

  The San Xavier Mission. Pierre Bordeaux leads the rescue of tourists taken along with the Mission San Xavier by a band of Mentecian mercenaries, but loses his lover, Daiva.

  Tom and Carolyn are born.

  The Tartian Egg. Pierre Bordeaux buys a Tartian Egg and a "statue of David" at an estate sale on Earth.

  Eustan is 1467

  The Centaurian Bud Vase (Novel). Pierre Bordeaux helps to recover the Treasures of Ramunus

  "Bad" Billy Clancy is captain of Bidido's starship, the Marcopo.

  Pierre Bordeaux discovers that his statue of David is a plastidroid.

  The Millennium Celebration of King Ramunus' Succession: The Festival of Ramunus. Pierre and Daiva are married

  Bloodstone. Marcus, Sheila Cash, and RyLee/Rali meet on Earth in Tahiti.

  The Pirates of Panjandrum. Sheila Clancy purchases the plastidroid X4459/Juan del Rio from Pierre Bordeaux's antique shop in order to con Bidido.

  Jenny Rebecca hatches

  1001 years after Tahitian settlement of Adondus

  705 years after crossing of Windward Sea

  117 years after building of the spaceport on Adondus

  Sedona Jack. Young Tom Clancy plays with a starship simulator.

  Tahiti (Adondi girl) is born

  Raptors of the Depths. The starship Newton, carrying Carolyn and her family, is forced to crash-land on the planet New Home.

  Earth is ejected from the solar system

  A Christmas to Remember. Tom is expelled from The Great Writer's Astronautics Academy on Taupoi for disobeying an order while rescuing a fellow classmate during an aerial display celebrating Christmas.

  The Ring. Aquillo gives Tahiti the dragon bone ring.

  Indigo Blue. A drug smuggler, and former pirate, provides Tom with a clue to the disappearance of the starship Newton.

  Ghost Writer in the Sky. Tom, Baroo, and Ondomo con space pirates in Tom's search for information about Carolyn.

  4967 years after landing of saurians on Adondus

August 2788
  The Life of Rylee. Tahiti's mother, Rylee, saves Aquillo from death as they try to discover a mysterious plot on a story night.

  The Winds of Spring. Tahiti recovers the stolen jewels of the Queen of Belmonte

  The Phoenix. Juan del Rio's starship is forced to crash-land on Adondus and he is assumed dead in a plot by Bidido to get his revenge on Juan.

  Don't Think Twice. Trittcha is driven from her flock after her latest molt and stays with Tom.

  A Many-Splendored Thing. Tom and Trittcha travel to Adondus so that he can claim the starship that he has inherited from his uncle Juan del Rio.

September 2788

  Departure. Tom and Tahiti rescue Juan del Rio and escape from Adondus.

  Voyage of the Bagel. Tom and Trittcha share a nightmare and she is finally able to communicate a bit with him.

  Monkey Trap. Mary Sue Silverblood leads a small group of starfighters in an attempt to capture Bidido.

  Appril Showers. Rain Maker Rory Molle is puzzled when he is hired by Appril O'Chett to produce a storm so that her wedding to her childhood sweetheart will be cancelled.

October 2788
  The Beacon. Trittcha's dragon bone ring leads the Marco Pollo to the site of the Newton's crash landing.

  Silver Threads. Bidido is defeated and the tear in space-time is repaired.

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