3D Modelling with Poser

                            3D Modeling with Poser

I've been wanting to create some 3D graphics to illustrate scenes from some of my stories and novels. I've been trying a program called Poser.

Poser, from Smith Micro, in its many versions, is not a typical 3D modeling program. Its function is to allow you to take preexisting 3D models, place them into a scene, and then pose them as you prefer. Poser does come with an assortment of "primitives" (basic shapes) which you can use to build simple models, but for complex things like humans, animals, spaceships, etc., you should rely on models that either come with Poser or can be purchased at the many sites which support the program.

I am currently trying to use Poser Pro 11. The software does come with a "Reference Manual," but that seems a bit more useful to the advanced modeler than a newbie like me. The Poser site has some tutorial videos. But I don't learn very well by watching someone go zip zip zip done. I like to be able to read the directions, try them, and try variations to see what happens. Searching the Internet did not turn up any tutorial books like "Poser Pro for Newbies." The best I could find was "Practical Poser 8: The Official Guide" by Richard Schrand. According to Poser's Technical Support, this book covers most everything I'd need except some of the very recent additions (which I guess newbies don't need to know about.)

As I've been learning to use Poser, I've been jotting down what I learn in a file that I call "Jack's Poser Pro Manual." If you want a really good tutorial, I'd suggest the Schrand book, but if you'd like to check out my thoughts and see what I've learned, click here for a PDF file. Just remember, 1) it's not a full-blown tutorial, and 2) it's meant for my own use. I update the file as I learn more, so if you find any of it useful, you might like to check back periodically.

You can find a lot of sources for models for Poser with a quick search of the Internet. The following are some that I have found very useful: Hivewire3D, Smith Micro (Poser), DAZ 3D, PhilC Designs, PoserWorks, Poser World, and Renderosity.

Below are a few images and links to images for scenes that I created with Poser Pro for my SEC stories. Click here for some miscellaneous pix done (so far) just for fun.

Diana the Huntress
Statue of Diana the Huntress (Silver Threads: The Pirates of Panjandrum)
Bidido at the Bank
Bidido at the Bank (Silver Threads: The Tartian Egg)
Capt. Peaorva approaches the Pikitaan
Capt. Pearova approaches the Pikitaan (Silver Threads: Ghost Writers in Disguise)
Juan del Rio
Juan del Rio (Silver Threads: several chapters)


Aquillo and his dormara, Nightshade, in the forest. Silver Threads: The Ring

Portrait of Bidido at the bank. Silver Threads: The Tartian Egg

Bidido on The Dragonlady. Silver Threads: A Dish Best Served Cold

The small statue of Diana the Huntress held by Clay Garret. "A Conversation with Gina Verucchio"

Grace and Bill fly over the Warren's back yard. "The Last Acorn"

The starship Marco Pollo. Silver Threads: several chapters

Mardi Silverblood entering her fighter, SEC1943. Silver Threads: Monkey Trap

Portrait of Mardi entering her fighter. Silver Threads: Monkey Trap

Ondomo in his Spaceport Security uniform at the hotel on Syringo. Silver Threads: Ghost Writers in Disguise

Ondomo in his Constable uniform at the Carnival on Zeta 4. Silver Threads: A Many-Splendored Thing

Prince Syree and spaceships of Home's armada: Golden Needles

SEC1943, Mardi's starfighter. Silver Threads: Monkey Trap

Tahiti at the Inn of the Blue Moon on Adondus. Silver Threads: several chapters

Tom Clancy at his pseudo-log cabin on Zeta 4. Silver Threads: A Many-Splendored Thing

Marcus, Sheila, and Rali at Skull Rock. "Bloodstone"

Sara Leone is about to return Shuttle 54 to Biscayne Bay. "Shuttle 54, Where R U?"

Liz and Eustan onboard the Marcopo. "Day of the Doomrock"

Admiral Liz in San Francisco. "Red Sky in Mourning"

Eustan in Tahiti. Unwritten story

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