Circle-N-Store (Citgo
station) in Fordyce, AR,
at the corner of US 167
and AR 8 (N. Edgar St.)

If you want the best jumbo
double hamburger/cheese-
burger in the world, this
is where you'll probably
find it. It's made from a full pound of meat! The coin in front of the burger is a quarter.  If you're
coming from the north, it
is on the right at the
first intersection with a
traffic light past the Civic Center. If you're coming from the south, it's on the left at the second intersection with a traffic light after the junction of routes 79 and 167. I had my first jumbo double


cheeseburger there at 3 in the morning, but the ones I've had at lunch time were just as good!

One Caution - Unless your are REALLY hungry, you may not want to get fries or anything to go with one of these. This is enough to eat all by itself!